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3 Reasons Why the Warriors will Win the NBA Championship

3 Reasons Why the Warriors will Win the NBA Championship

It amazes me how many people are still discrediting the warriors. Some people still feel that the Cavs still hold a mental advantage over the Warriors after last year. You know the whole 3-1 series lead blown last year and blah blah blah. I would feel the same way, but I believe the warriors overcame that mental hurdle by adding Kevin Durant. We are talking about arguably one of the top two players in the league. He is one of the most efficient scorers the league has ever seen and now you have added him to one of the most efficient teams of all time. He has had a great season and this has been probably the best we have seen him defensively. Yet we still have people who do not credit this man’s greatness simply because he chose to join a 73 win team. Let’s break down the 3 reasons why the Warriors will win the 2017 NBA Finals.


The Warriors are the best team!

The Warriors are not just the best team based on wins, but they are top 5 defensively and offensively. Throughout the season, they displayed that were not only formidable on offense, but defense. Along with Zaza and likely this year’s defensive player of the year Draymond GreenDurant helped anchor one of the league’s best defenses. They led the league in deflections blocks and steals. Do I really have to talk about offense? Let’s just say this, the Warriors led the league in assists, field goal percentage and had three players average more than 22 ppg. The Warriors are an offensive juggernaut and unlike last year, they won’t have to lean on Harrison Barnes to hit open shots, instead you have Kevin Durant. So switching on defense against the Warriors is difficult to do because you most likely end up leaving StephKlay, or Durant open for threes or an easy drive to the lane. Now I know the best team doesn’t win the championship as evident last year, but if LeBron and the Cavs can overcome a team with four of the top 15 players in the league.



Kevin Durant = Greatness

For years there have been torches passed. Magic and Bird passed it to JordanJordan passed it to Shaq and Kobe and Kobe and Shaq passed it to Tim Duncan and the Spurs. It’s amazing how Kevin Durant was right behind LeBron in everyone’s mind but because he chose to go to Golden State he is not that same player. You know what world, you’re right he isn’t the same player, he’s better. Durant had career highs in field goal percentage, rebounds, and blocks. A lot us could’ve seen the increase in field goal percentage coming because he is on a team now that has better players and offers more spacing. Durant was motivated to show that he was willing to step it up defensively to win a championship. Am I saying he is the next Dennis Rodman, of course not, but I am saying he is much better defensively than he was before. He knows sacrificing himself on the defensive end is what it will take to get a ring. So let’s all stop pretending that because he went to the Warriors he is not the same great player, in some aspects he is even better. LeBron it’s time to pass the torch to Durant.


The 3-1 collapse from last year.


I’ve gone over the on court reason why the Warriors will win. Let’s talk about the biggest mental hurdle why the Warriors will win. The 3-1 lead the Warriors blew last year was devastating and one of, if not the biggest, collapses we have seen in the finals. That could ultimately be however the biggest reason why the Warriors win this year. That showed the Warriors that you can never take your foot off the gas and when your opponent is down, finish the job. That experience will help the Warriors mentally and they will use that as fuel to defeat the Cavs.

Prediction: Warriors 4-2.

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