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Ell’s NBA Trade Deadline Review Part 2: Before The Trade Deadline

Ell’s NBA Trade Deadline Review Part 2: Before The Trade Deadline

PG Isaiah Thomas, PF Channing Frye, and a 2018 2nd round pick for PG/SG Jordan Clarkson and SF/PF Larry Nance

After complaining time and time again to the media, the Cavaliers need to remove Isaiah Thomas from the team despite being the main addition in the Kyrie Irving trade. Channing Frye played sparingly at the end of the Cavs bench, making him mostly a non-factor and stretch big man. In return, Jordan Clarkson was supposed to bring the same explosive scoring to the Cavs which he never did and Larry Nance showed flashes of the same athleticism they saw with the Lakers. Thomas served as solid vet behind non-scoring rookie Lonzo Ball and as a 6th man, but he was not as explosive still dealing with hip problems; however, slight edge to the Lakers.

PG Elfrid Payton for a 2018 2nd round pick

The Magic no longer wanted Elfrid Payton on a contract year and have decided to go in a different direction and decided to move him with little to no value. The Suns didn’t have a PG in place so it made sense, but despite given multiple opportunities, Payton was still inconsistent and outplayed by Tyler Ulis. The Magic did just better with veterans D.J. Augustin and Shelvin Mack running the position, as the team was already headed nowhere; edge to the Magic.

PG Emmanuel Mudiay for PG/SG Devin Harris and 2018 2nd round pick for PF/SF Doug McDermott and a 2018 2nd round pick

The Nuggets finally gave up on the Mudiay experiment and his inconsistencies, as he had already been outplayed by Jamal Murray while cutting into Murray’s growth. The Mavericks had too many guards to keep Devin Harris around and no real reason for a vet to see meaningful minutes and McDermott was a poor fit with the Knicks. Mudiay showed good potential at times with the Knicks, until veteran Trey Burke turned a short contract into a sizeable role over Mudiay. Harris was a below average backup to Murray in Denver and McDermott found a spot off the bench on a bad Mavs team; slight edge to Mavs, then Knicks, and Nuggets just gave up a 1st round bust for veteran that didn’t fit in Harris.



G Dwayne Wade for a 2024 2nd round pick

After reuniting with LeBron James, Dwayne Wade looked like a shell of himself moving from the starting lineup to the bench, so a farewell tour to Miami made sense. However, in Wade the Miami Heat got a rejuvenated former superstar that helped them push into and during the playoffs, unexpectedly; the Heat clearly won this trade by a long shot.

SG/SF Malachi Richardson for SF Bruno Caboclo

This was essentially a contract swap where the Kings had Richardson and he never fit in the long term plans with flashes far in between of his scoring potential, which the Raptors figured they may be able to unleash; never happened. Caboclo is another very young player who the Raptors depended on his potential to justify his 1st round selection a few years ago, but it never worked out. He hoped to see minutes on a young rebuilding Kings team, but it never happened.

PF Dante Cunningham for SG/SF Rashad Vaughn

The Pelicans added cap space trading Cunningham and added competition on the wing in Vaughn from the Nets, but he never saw the minutes like every other team. Vaughn is a scorer, but lacks on the defensive end and other areas. Cunningham continued to be the hard working player he is off the bench for the Nets bringing energy, rebounding, and defense; strong edge to the Nets in this trade, as the Pelicans could have used Cunningham down the stretch.



PG George Hill and SG/SF Rodney Hood for SF/PF Jae Crowder and PG Derrick Rose for SF Joe Johnson, SG Iman Shumpert, and a 2020 2nd round pick

The Kings had buyers’ remorse over the big deal with Hill, the Jazz no longer saw Hood in their plans after another year injuries and inconsistency, and the Cavaliers need to shake things up. In exchange for Hill the Jazz received Crowder and Rose who they waived. Crowder has been a solid glue guy like most of his career with the ability to play both forward spots and play defense; Rose since signed with the Timberwolves who have been able to get value out of him. The Kings received Joe Johnson, Iman Shumpert, and the 2nd round pick; no of which have proved any value and will be contracts moved off the books, as the played facilitator. The Cavaliers received Hill who still hasn’t lived up to his contract with average play and constant injuries. Hood has shown flashes of the 3 and D player he should be, but hasn’t been able to put it together in Cleveland; edge to the Jazz for find value in Crowder through this trade and upgrading their roster.

PF/C Noah Vonleh and cash for the rights to Milocan Rakovic

The Blazers needed to save cap to make upcoming moves and no longer needed the oft-injured Vonleh who is still young, but never lived up to his potential. The Bulls are in rebuilding mode and wanted to take a look at Vonleh, who could be a possibility, as veteran Robin Lopez doesn’t appear in the plans. The Bulls sent Milocan Rakovic, an international big man, who has no plans of coming to the NBA after over a decade of professional play overseas.

PG Shelvin Mack for a future 2nd round pick

The Wizards saved cap against the luxury tax moving veteran Shelvin Mack, as he rarely saw minutes, but with the Hawks having a buyout sale Mack ended up on the Magic overall. Both teams essentially moved Mack’s contract off the books; edge to the Wizards.


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