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Ell’s NBA Trade Review Part 1: During The Season

Ell’s NBA Trade Review Part 1: During The Season

PG Eric Bledsoe for C Greg Monroe and (2) 1st round picks

Both teams got what they wanted out of this trade with the Bucks getting a starting PG for the next few years and the Suns getting cap relief from a recent buyout on Monroe, quality minutes from Monroe when injuries forced him in the lineup, and the draft picks are the true value, on a talent starved team. Bledsoe has helped keep the Bucks in the playoff race and has been fairly healthy in his time there. Monroe has since signed with the Celtics to help their race to win the Eastern Conference.

PF Trevor Booker for C Jahlil Okafor, SG Nik Stauskas, and 2nd round pick

The Nets would be the winner in this trade at this point, Booker was having a good season on bad team with the Nets, but he was supposed to help backup Embiid, but has found it tough to find minutes with so many forwards on the team. Booker’s salary cap relief is the biggest asset and maybe he can be used in a playoff run down the stretch. Okafor was an offensive talent left  for dead at the end of the 76ers bench, but the Nets have more than enough time available for him, he has been inconsistent so far, but with the lack of playing time that was expected. Nik Stauskas is a streaky 3-pt shooter, who can help the Nets stretch the floor with their seemingly endless injuries at the wing positions; he has played slightly better than expected. *Booker has been waived and now plays for the Indiana Pacers.


PF Blake Griffin, C Willie Reed, and PF Brice Johnson for SG Avery Bradley, PF/SF Tobias Harris, C Boban Marjanovic, Protected 2018 1st round and a Protected 2019 2nd round

The Clippers shocked everyone by finally moving Blake Griffin, despite all of the past rumors and injuries. This move was mostly a way to get Griffin’s high salary off the books, as the Clippers appear to be in transition or rebuilding mode. Reed has been a serviceable center when called upon, but with Deandre Jordan playing high minutes consistently, Reed is not as valuable. Brice Johnson is a young athletic prospect who continues to grow, but hasn’t been able to see big minutes on the court. Avery Bradley is one key in the trade, as he returns to play for his former coach Doc Rivers, who knows how to use him well; solidifying the SG position. Tobias Harris is a young, athletic scorer with good versatility to play inside and out, his play going forward will determine if he is a long term piece, but he will probably be used more for his contract which expires after the 2018-2019 season. Boban Marjanovic is a developing big man who would like to see more time on the court, but it will be seen if the Clippers will oblige. The 1st round pick will give the Clippers more ammunition in the upcoming draft. Essentially, the Pistons get a 2nd star next to Andre Drummond in Griffin and the Clippers get cap relief, draft picks, and a starting SG in Bradley; the Pistons playoff push will determine how much they won this trade.

C Tyler Zeller for SG/SF Rashad Vaughn and 2018 2nd round pick

The Nets traded Zeller with him no longer needed after adding Jahlil Okafor. Zeller worked his way into the starting lineup with no true center on the team and rookie Jarrett Allen struggling to keep the job. For the Bucks, Zeller will add depth inside behind John Henson and Thon Maker. Rashad Vaughn is a young athletic wing, who was known for his scoring in college, but has only shown flashes. With Jason Kidd out as coach, Vaughn will have a chance to restart with the Nets who seem to always suffer injuries at the wing positions.


PF/SF Nikola Mirotic and 2018 2nd round pick for SG/SF Tony Allen, C Omer Asik, PG Jameer Nelson, 2018 1st round pick, and 2021 2nd round pick swap rights

The Bulls finally got what they wanted which was a 1st round pick for Mirotic. After a physical encounter with teammate Bobby Portis, Mirotic wanted out, but was having his best season racking up double-doubles while continuing to be a threat from 3pt once he returned to the team. The Pelicans pulled the trigger for Mirotic after the season ending injury to Demarcus Cousins, as he can now slide in as a threat to keep them in the playoff hunt. Allen has suffered injuries this season keeping him off the court, but he hopes to get back to form. Omer Asik returns to the Bulls on the same high contract that kept them from keeping him, but this time he is cap relief and depth inside; he can still defend and rebound when called upon. Jameer Nelson started out hot when the Pelicans needed help and relied on him, but has since slowed down making him just depth for the Bulls at this point with the injury to Kris Dunn. This trade is essentially Mirotic and a 2nd round draft pick to the Pelicans for a 1st round pick and cap relief for the Bulls.

C Willy Hernangomez for PF Johnny O’Bryant, 2020 2nd round pick, and 2021 2nd round pick

The Knicks seemed to have mixed feelings for Willy Hernangomez, as he seemed like a talented young upcoming big man in at the end of last season, to rarely being used in the rotation this season; with the Hornets he will have a chance to be a long term fit. Johnny O’Bryant is a young athletic big man, who can play on both ends of the floor, but he is nothing more than good depth off the bench; the 2nd round picks are what the Knicks want since they couldn’t get a 1st round pick.

PG Jameer Nelson and a future 2nd round pick (swap) for C Willie Reed and future pick swap

Nelson gets traded a 2nd time this time from the Bulls to the Pistons, as both teams basically add depth. With the ongoing injury to Reggie Jackson, Jameer Nelson provides depth at the PG position behind Ish Smith. Willie Reed provides even more depth inside for the Bulls, which may set up a buyout for Omer Asik or Reed, may be waived.

SF James Ennis for PF Brice Johnson and future 2nd round pick

Brice Johnson is traded again, as well, from the Pistons to the Grizzlies, as the Pistons didn’t need more depth inside, but needed more scoring on the wing. Johnson will be another young piece for the Grizzlies to try down low to see, if he can fit. James Ennis is a two-way player who can fill up a stat sheet and he will be helpful for the Pistons playoff run.

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