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Will LeBron Win Another Championship?

Will LeBron Win Another Championship?


Three Reasons I Say Yes

1. Best SF Ever

A lot of people question if LeBron is the best to ever play, but there is no question that he is the best SF to play the game and he hasn’t even finished expanding on his legacy. LeBron is unstoppable and clearly the best player in the league at this point. His confidence has grown at this point and he is looking to add to his legacy.

2. Cavs’ Big Three

It took a little time for Kyrie Irving, LeBron James, and Kevin Love to gel and play off each other, but after last year everyone learned their role. The biggest job was for Love learning to be a more active defender and rebounder, while becoming more of a floor spacer on the offensive end. Now, as shown through the earli1er rounds they play well off each other and it has shown that when all three score more than 20pts they are guaranteed to win.

3. Cavs Best in the League

The Cavs did a good job adding pieces to contend for the championship in Kyle Korver, Deron Williams, and attempted help at center. The role players know their role and continue to come up when needed and the return of J.R. Smith brings back the same depth from last year. They have veteran bench players who can score in spurts and want to win a ring. This goes along with the big three mentioned above led by the best player in the league LeBron James.


Three Reasons I Say No

1. Not Easy to Win Back to Back

In the tough NBA, no matter what people want to say about the era, it is never easy to win back to back championships; no matter the team or player involved. When you win a championship, you have a target on your back and every team wants to take you down, but so far the Cavs have been up to the challenge. If the Cavs, can win back to back it will continue to add to LeBron’s legacy and show the quality job of the front office adding the right pieces to help.

2. Warriors

The Warriors will not be a tough task to beat, as they also appear destined to repeat in the Western Conference which has never been an easy task. The Warriors are the reason teams made more additions to their rosters midseason, as the addition of SF Kevin Durant, put a great offensive team on another level, the addition of JaVale McGee as a shot blocker has helped, and the addition of young SG Patrick McCaw and veteran Matt Barnes has added depth and athleticism on the wing. The Warriors want revenge for what happened last year and have the ammo to make this tough for the Cavs; this should be another good one to watch.

3. Injury/Fatigue

At this time of the year, injury and fatigue are always critical factors and could also come into play. However, this year the Cavs are well rested coming off two sweeps, but any injury despite depth could change the game plan; depending which player gets injured, as we can clearly see with the Spurs. The health of players like Irving, Love, Shumpert, and Smith has always been a concern and will be the key to winning it all.


Summary: Yes, LeBron and the Cavs will win again they will be well rested and ready for the Warriors, while the addition of Durant will make it an interesting series. Prediction: Cavs 4-2

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