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Ell’s Top 5 Tackles NFL Draft 2022

Draft 2022] If I were a hope: Evan Neal (OL), the great wall - US Sports

1. Evan Neal, Alabama

Strengths: size/strength, footwork                          

Weakness: speed rush, weight (360lbs)

Draft Projection: #1 – Top 5

2. Charles Cross, Mississippi State

Strengths: pass protection, footwork                     

Weakness: run blocking (experience), strength

Draft Projection: Top 5 – Top 10

NFL draft: NC State's Ikem Ekwonu believes he should go No. 1

3. Ikem Ekwonu, NC State

Strengths: mobility/athleticism, strength                              

Weakness: technique, pass blocking

Draft Projection: Top 3 – Top 10

4. Trevor Penning

Strengths: strength, versatility                                                                 

Weakness: competition level, technique

Draft Projection: Mid 1st Round – Late 1st Round

5. Bernhard Raimann

Strengths: athleticism/footwork, run blocking            

Weakness: experience/competition level, speed rush

Draft Projection: Late 1st Round – 2nd Round

Position Grade: B+

The Tackle position isn’t very deep with some of the Tackles outside of or sometimes included in the top 5 being viewed as Guards in the league, but the top 3 should be special in the right systems. Neal should be able to fill in nicely on either side, but I like him best as a RT. Ekwonu would make a perfect Guard, but he can fill in nicely at either Tackle spot with his high athleticism. Cross should fill in nicely at LT in the right system once he puts on about 10lbs. Penning should be able to compete for a job at RT but offers Guard versatility and Raimann may have to offer depth inside as well as he continues to improve.

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